Black Dog’s Social Media Roundup

Social media for business

Its been another busy few weeks in the world of social media. Here’s a few of our favourite stories. Enjoy!

70 Amazing LinkedIn Stats [Feb 2014]
Here’s a great compilation of LinkedIn stats (for example did you know there are more than 3 million businesses with LinkedIn company pages?) originally posted by Craig Smith on the Digital Marketing Ramblings blog.

Restaurant Facebook Pages To Learn Lessons From
Restaurants can do a lot on Facebook. OK, the restaurants mentioned in this article are Canadian, (but let’s not hold that against them!) but there’s still an awful lot we can learn from them.

Why Your Business Should Be On Google+
The first name that comes to mind when you think about social media might not be Google+. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest all enjoy greater buzz. Why then should your business use Google+?

4 Twitter Search Tricks That Will Get Your Business More Followers
People send more than 500 million tweets every single day! Whether you’re new to Twitter or a more experience user these search tricks will help you grow & nurture your follower base.

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